Office Furniture Moving

Office Furniture Moving

When looking for a company that offers furniture assembly and moving, Office Furniture Assemblers are the ones you can depend on. We can assemble, install, and relocate whatever furniture you have. We can also handle any type of project effortlessly. That is why we are reputed among commercial and government offices.

Meeting our clients’ needs, ensuring a stress-free and efficient relocation, and installation is one of our top priorities. Our expert movers, drivers, project managers, supervisors, and sales team work together to identify an effective plan and take an action based on your criteria and preferences.

Office Moving Services in DC, MD and VA

Having integrated camaraderie and professionalism among our services, we can assure that your project is completed without dilemmas. Our team possesses expertise and experience that enable our entire company to offer innovative solutions.  


Over a long time, Office Furniture Assemblers have been the number one choice among a broad range of organizations to handle their relocation needs. Our clients include small companies and large federal agencies.  We can manage small and complex relocations for sure. We have resources that make us outstanding to serve customers with diverse and specific needs. We have sturdy automobiles and other advanced resources that help us provide speedy office furniture moving services.

Team and Facilities

Office Furniture Assemblers deploys innovative equipment and human resources in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern VA. It is our way to protect and manage your office furniture moving needs. All our movers have undergone further training as well as seminars to manage every project successfully.

Benefits of Hiring Office Furniture Assemblers 

Making Office Furniture Assemblers as your top-notch choice, you can experience a variety of benefits. We are specially tailored to reach and exceed your specifications. We are eager to provide customer satisfaction and enjoyment in our commercial furniture moving services.

  •  Potential damage free services
We disassemble and reassemble workstations carefully. We employ rehearsed procedures to label IT equipment. We provide cautious consideration and organized process. We pack and deliver office furniture and other valuable belongings safely and securely. We can protect all of them from unwanted marks, scratches, and other potential damages. Our competent and specialized staff members can pack, deliver, and rearrange your equipment with sufficient care. We can reassemble your office furniture with spectacular quality.

  • Complete Services
We deliver holistic commercial furniture moving services such as packing, destination labeling, delivery, unpacking, reassembling, and much more. Our drivers and movers are familiar with the industry safety standards, which can prevent damages. We can relocate all your properties without headaches on your part.  

  • Competent Moving Crew  
We make sure that all our movers and other staffs possess the professional and personal competence to make you feel more complacent. Since there are changing needs and demands, we provide comprehensive training in order to make them more prepared to provide one of the best services. 

Instead of relocating your equipment including gadgets and furniture, we are the company you should take advantage of. We specialize in office furniture moving, which can secure and protect your equipment. We are passionate and resolute to do our best in all our projects.

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